theperfectformula OS-2772-BR

Our serum for oily skin will blance sebum production. It'll also do a great job at reducing the greasy appearance of the skin.

Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe Barbadensis)

Aloe vera is famous for its extraordinary effects on the human body and skin. It is very important for us as it binds moisture and helps to hydrate the skin.

Curry Plant Extract (Helichrysum Italicum)

This plant extract has regenerative effects, reduces wrinkle formation and counteracts free radicals. Collagenase and elastase are dermis enzymes involved in the development in the visible signs of ageing - including wrinkles or sagging.

Quince Leaf Extract (Cydonia Oblonga )

Thanks to the hydro glycerinated extraction of quince leaves, we are able to revitalize the appearance of oily skin by refining the skin texture and limiting skin shine.

Sodium Hyaluronate

It boosts the firmness and elasticity of your skin and supports the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers. We use low molecular sodium hyaluronate, which strengthens the synthesis of collagen fibers and penetrates into deeper layers of the skin, and high molecular, which works on the surface of the skin where it creates a defending layer with a lifting effect.

Personalised skincare doesn’t have to be expensive! We want it to become the new norm, accessible to everyone. By cutting out the middleman and delivering products straight from our lab, we’re able to save, and pass those savings on to you. What’s more, all the money we earn goes straight back into research and bettering our product for you.
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